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Alafiia believes the essence of travel is the journey itself. Reaching a destination ushers a sense of contentment but the steps you walk pave the way to make it to your true self. The ethos and spirit of our venture lie here and so the name.

For many, the word ‘Alafiia’ is a ‘Yoruba’ term which popularly means ‘inner-peace’. Yoruba is a tribal language practiced by natives of a small premises of the south-western part of Nigeria. The etymology of ‘Alafia’ in Yoruba meaning “reveal one’s dreams” suggests the capability to manifest one’s dreams that leads to a sense of well-being and satisfaction i.e. the quintessence of inner-peace.

Far apart of the urban luxury and sophistication, our goal is to get along with the unpredictability and sheer beauty of nature. Having said that, we along with every backpacker travelling with us see ourselves as a group of people empathizing and empowering each other to explore and grow.

Breaking all stereotypes and myths, Alafiia is striding to a new path. We dream to become a shepherd for backpackers who want to travel in order to grow as a human being. Excluding urban opulence and sophistication, our goal is to create a brand that promotes lesser-known places, the tribal people associated with them and their culture that is ebbing away. Travel, learn and grow with us. Pack your bag and seek your soul.


Our heritage and culture are a significant part of India’scollective memory, and unfortunately, we are losing them at an alarming pace. Our sole mission is to preserve the package of cultural assets that is an indispensable part of our values, beliefs, knowledge, and plethora of activities that often bestow us meaningful substance in our lives.

We have a dual focus where we want to show different dimensions of tribal life and its multivariate aspects of attitude, beliefs, and behaviours, and thus present a whole new approach to cultural asset and their spectacular identities.

Secondly, we want to empower these people without disturbing their legacy of distinct cultural traits. Our aim is to bring prosperity for tribal people through tourism where we maintain the ethos and keep a minimalistic approach.

The goal of this initiative is to ensure that backward and organic populace of this tribal region prosper as the tourist explore an India they’ve never heard about.


Bijoyan Mondal


Always passionate about exploring new places

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Guest Reach

I have always been a traveler and discovering new places is really my passion

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Marketing Monkey

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I want to fly like a bird to every corner of the world